Skills Converged
At Skills Converged, we believe there is a better way to do training. Our mission is to help you deliver high impact courses with long-lasting results, that takes the least amount of time to deliver.
Above all, we are passionate about training methodologies and design. We are restlessly searching to improve training techniques and share this through the design of our training materials and numerous products on the train the trainer such as our best-selling books, courses and articles.

Skills Converged was founded in 2008 by Dr. Ethan (Ehsan) Honary. With a background in artificial intelligence and space robotics, Ethan became increasingly interested in cognitive psychology, the science of learning and eventually the training industry. His interest and passion in the subject grew strong enough that he eventually decided to leave his full-time job in the space industry to establish a new training company. Now for more than a decade, Skills Converged has been offering quality training products and services all across the world and has acquired numerous clients including global brands, governments, training agencies and freelancers.